7 Reasons Why A Plant-Based Diet Is
Just Hands Down Better For Everyone

You Probably Already Know Intuitively That Eating
Real, Natural Food Is Just Flat Out Better For You...

It's Pretty Much Common Sense.

So where did all the confusion come from about what is "best" to eat and why?

We're living in a world of info overload today, and sometimes the info we're exposed to is just straight up BAD and 100% standing in the way of real results.

With the rise of the processed food industry giving the public poor information solely to make a profit, we've also seen the number of overweight, obese and diabetic people rise to record heights.

Did you know processed food companies actually hire teams, not just one, but teams of expert food scientists, food marketers, and government influencers, all of whom work around the clock...

To make food taste literally irresistible to you...

They do this to get you addicted to sugar-laden foods so you buy more and more... And meanwhile, you're getting sicker, fatter and more confused than ever before.

But let's put all that aside for a second...

We're Going To Cut Out The Middleman, So Put All Trends, Fads
& Everything Else You Think You Know About Food Aside For Now...

Because All Of It Is About To Change.

This is the simplest solution out there, and literally everyone can benefit from a simple plant-based diet. No, you don't need to be fully vegetarian or vegan to eat plant-based!!

Anyone can eat a plant-based diet. The best part is that it teaches you not view your food as “good” or “bad.”

Food is food. Food is fuel.

You see your food for what it is -- energy & nutrients.

This approach makes it much easier for you to make better, healthier choices about what to put in your body. The point is to detach your emotions from eating behaviors and decisions.

The more you focus on a Real Food Abundance mentality (and detach from the restrictive obsession of “good” vs “bad”), the easier it becomes to avoid unhealthy foods...

And the less you will experience “food temptation” in the first place.

Here Are Another 7 Reasons Why A Plant-Based Diet Is Better For Everyone...

1) You Can Eat WAY More Food

When you're eating real, natural whole foods... you can eat a TON! Eating real nutrient-dense foods as close to their natural state as possible allows you to eat in abundance and still lose weight.

No more restricting yourself or willpowering your way into self restraint when it comes to food. Eat as much as you'd like! You'll be so surprised by how much you can eat when you're eating the right foods.

2) You'll Never Have To Count Calories

Since plant-based foods are naturally low in calorie but high in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, macronutrients and more... you'll literally never count a single calorie and you'll probably get better results because of it!

Counting calories is NOT a long term, sustainable approach to food and eating. If you're sick of the doldrums of doing basic math and would prefer to just eat, savor and enjoy your food (rather than looking at it as an addition/subtraction problem), you need to try the Real Food Reset.

3) Improves Your Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

Even if you think you're "eating healthy" now... Chances are, the hidden chemicals and sugars in your food are inhibiting nutrient uptake in your digestion process.

This leaves people malnourished. If the body cannot properly acquire, absorb and assimilate its food sources, a massive stress is placed on the mitochondria of cells to effectively produce energy. This may explain why you frequently feel fatigue or just "run down" in general.

With the right foods and mindset, you can reset your body and give it the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Without that, you're like a hamster on a wheel... going nowhere.

4) Real Food Is The Fountain Of Youth

Whether you realize this yet or not, people who eat real, natural unprocessed foods look WAY younger and healthier. This is because of Real Food's inherent ability to help the body restore and repair its damaged cells.

Similar to how it can improve your digestive process, real food can also improve your restorative cell recovery processes. It does this through what are known as enzymes, or as we like to call them, the fountain of youth!

The body has its own reserve storage of enzymes... but they're quickly depleted as digestive and other high-energy processes occur in the body. Eating real, raw food enzymes before each meal can help preserve the body's natural stores of enzymes, allowing you to run like a well-oiled machine.

You'll prevent rapid decay from free radicals in the blood stream and maintain a healthy, natural youthful looking glow.

5) May Help Prevent Cancer Cell Growth

Every day our bodies are exposed to a wide variety of cancer-causing toxins and chemicals (carcinogens) from artificial food ingredients, household cleaners, detergents, pesticides, fake sweeteners, food dyes, and more.

These carcinogens are metabolized by enzymes within the body and then begin to attack DNA. Most damaged DNA is repaired, but sometimes the toxic cell multiples before the damaged DNA is repaired, leading to a permanently damaged, cancerous cell.

These cancerous cells will forever be damaged, giving rise to the potential for cancer. However, these initial cancer cells will not grow and multiply unless the right conditions are met. This is where diet comes into play...

When consumed, protein is broken down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. These amino acids help to repair cell damage, including those of cancerous cells allowing them to grow and multiply into more cancerous cells.

A diet rich in protein from plants does not elicit the same response within the body leading to the formation of cancerous cells and tumor growth.

Hold up! Did we just say protein from PLANTS?!? You might be confused, but here’s the truth - THERE IS PROTEIN IN PLANTS! Not only that, but plant-based foods contain way more nutrients than their animal-based counterparts.


6) Better Performance & Mental Focus

Often when people try to lose weight, they restrict carbohydrates. For some reason, this seems to have been the popular approach for the last few decades.

But what if you secretly discovered that the opposite can actually work better for you? That's what we found, and that's what we want to share with you.

The body desperately needs carbohydrates, not only for physical activity energy requirements, but also for normal brain function throughout the day. When you eat Real Food carbohydrates instead, and lots of them, you'll be giving your body everything it needs to run optimally so you can stay focused and perform every task better -- from exercise to staying focused at work.

7) Higher Quality Nutrition Sources

By switching to a whole food, plant-based diet, you will provide your body with the high quality nutrients it needs to function optimally and maintain a naturally lean body with virtually no belly fat.

Unfortunately, these nutrients are not found in animal products and processed foods.

Just take a look at how plant foods compare to animal foods in this chart.


Some of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet include:

  • Adequate Protein
  • Higher Vitamin & Mineral Content
  • Less Unhealthy Fats & Cholesterol
  • More Fiber & Calcium
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